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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo - White/Silver

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  • Full-Size Wireless Keyboard Mouse -- Full-size keyboard provides everything you need at your fingers: the media/fn keys, numeric pad, etc. The mouse and the keyboard are easily operated with a sensitive touch and combined signal, so all you have to do before enjoy this amazing keyboard and mouse is plug the USB receiver from the keyboard and turn both on.
  • Sleek and Quiet Keyboard Mouse Set -- You will get a sleek & stylish keyboard and mouse set at a very reasonable price, which is matt finished with black and silver 2 colors. We won't call it "whisper quiet", but it's definitely much quieter than a traditional keyboard & mouse, especially the old-fashioned mechanical keyboard
  • Stable Connection & Adjustable DPI -- Both keyboard and mouse are connected with the same USB receiver, thanks to the 2.4G good connectivity, you will not experience any connection or lag issues! The DPI switch on the top of the mouse makes it easy to change mouse sensitivity when gaming or whatever (DPI rage: 800-1200-1600)
  • Intelligent Sleep for Saving Power -- Featuring an intelligent sleep mode, the build-in chips will detect your working conditions automatically, if there is no operation more than 10 minutes, the keyboard and mouse will turn to sleep mode for energy saving, you are able to wake the keyboard and mouse up in 3 seconds by pressing any key on the keyboard and the left or right button on the mouse
  • 1 USB Plug for Both Keyboard and Mouse -- This keyboard & mouse combo using only 1 USB plug, which is inserted on the back of the Mouse. Stable 2.4GHz wireless provides a powerful, reliable connection up to 33ft without any lags

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Works well

I added this wireless keyboard and mouse to my office at work. I absolutely love being able to move both of them around my desk as needed. They both work absolutely perfectly. Very easy to set up. I am using the USB plug-in to connect them with absolutely no problem. Was simply a plug and play. Highly recommended. So far I’ve been using it a couple months now without changing the batteries. It’s used daily almost 8 hours a day.

I loved this so much, I bought another one.

These keyboards come with a plastic cover which makes them even quieter than normal. I originally got one for home, but I liked it so much that I got one for work too. At home, I have to replace the batteries maybe once a month, so the charge is excellent. With COVID going on, I hardly get to go to work anymore so it would be hard to say how often I have to change the batteries on that one. but I think a month's charge is about average, since I use my home PC for work.

Excellent 3rd Party keyboard & mouse. Works well with my MAC.

A pleasant key board for my MAC pro. Connected immediately after inserting the usdpb toggle. It worked perfectly.. Nice full size keyboard with all the function keys. Looks good, black an silver. Really thin but still carry the weight of a standard keyboard..thd mouse is a standard mouse. It works well but a little small. A good buy, well worth using as your primary or backup. Very good key board at very reasonable price Definitely worth purchasing

Lovely to type on

I really like this keyboard/mouse combo.Pros: -price-one dongle so you don't take up all your ports-keys type so easily and quietly! Makes my other keyboard feel like hard workCons:-mouse is very flat, and so not ergonomic for the palm of the handI highly recommend, particularly for the price. Great combo. When covid is over and I can stop working from my basement, I'll probably set this up upstairs on our family computer.

Sleek and Responsive

Longtime Logitech fan just trying something different. I'm really impressed with this keyboard/mouse combo. I chose this model over the newer one because they take batteries; I have a tendency to forget to recharge overnight and can't step away from my work to put them on the charger. This set is just a little more responsive than what I'm used to, and haven't noticed any lag yet. I may update after a few weeks of regular use.