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Ergonomic Laptop Stand - Silver

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  • Dedicated to Each Detail: The aluminum plate can well ventilate the heat generated by the laptop, and the silicone pads are attached to protect laptops from scratches.
  • Ergonomic Design: The stand can elevate a notebook or laptop, so you can stand up to work or raise the eye level, getting better posture to release the pain or stress. Dual adjustable shafts provide an ideal view while using your laptop.
  • Ultra Stable & Heavy Duty: it is built with high-quality aluminum alloy, and can hold laptops up to 44 lbs. it is durable and heavy-duty to serve you always.
  • Broad Compatibility: this laptop stand can work with all laptops from 11 to 17 inches; it is stable and will not shake while you are typing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best Adjustable Laptop

I really took my time doing tons of research to find the best laptop stand on the market to suit my needs and ended up buying the Nulaxy adjustable stand. Now that I have it am 100% happy with it. I should have got it much sooner.I was looking for a laptop stand that was:1. Adjustable in height;2. Adjustable height with adjustable angles (many of the adjustable stands have fixed angles of adjustment. For example, the Rain Design iLevel stand which has received top reviews but to me is crap because it's height adjustment is achieved simply by lifting only the back of the computer up and so it's on a steeper angle as the front isn't lifted at all!?!?!.3. I use my laptop mainly in my office so it didn't need to be overly portable (3 dimensional collapse-down like the Roost). Though, this stand collapses down from 3 to 2 dimensional with a handle to hold on to and carry or fit into a laptop bag.4. Stylish looking;5. Cheaper than other equivalent brands but the same build quality (top build quality).I'm very happy, couldn't be happier!!!

A proper, professional, and solid laptop pedestal.

I perform most of my computing on my bed as I have spinal cancer complications and need something to keep the laptop raised to be easier to reach and not block the ventilation fans for proper cooling. I have used those flimsy plastic risers that incorporate fans for cooling but their folding feet are always collapsing when I move around. Then I saw this and my prayers were answered. Firstly, this product is hefty and that's a good thing. It is built to last and is stable as a rock! It is obviously a simple device but for those who need something to place their full-sized laptop, it is perfect. The base is flat and large making the problem of faulty stubby legs disappear as others often possess. It stays where it's placed and the hinges stay put where you angle them. The only thing I might suggest in future adaptations would be holes drilled through the upper plate to assist in ventilation but there's plenty of room for that already and is just my subjective opinion. The appearance is attractive and modern making it look nice even when you leave the laptop elsewhere (and it comes in two shades). My 17" HP Envy sits atop this with no issues and is probably my best (and last) laptop pedestal Well worth the investment.

Best stand out there

This stand is by far the best one I have ever used. I love that it adjusts because it makes it more versatile. Whether sitting down or standing up, you can change the height and angle to beat suit your needs. I will be ordering another one for my iPad. Works great for studio work or DJing events. It does cost more than some of the other ones, but I believe it’s worth it for the quality you are getting.

Awesome product!

Very durable, well finished, sturdy, this stand is perfect!I bought it for a macbook pro, but it seems that it can even handle a much heavier laptop.The brushed aluminium finish reminds me of the standard macbook stand that you can see if a lot of people’s desk in companies, except that this one has an adjustable height.The adjustable height is very well done, is takes a lot of force to adjust it, so that it won’t move by itself under the weight of the laptop.

This stand is just amazing in terms of quality and looks

I was hesitant to order this since it costs a bit more than my old plastic 3M stand and even tried to cancel the order not long after placing it thinking I could just make do with that. Luckily it was too late to cancel it though, and not only did I not send it back after it arrived, but I promptly ordered another for my wife. This stand is just amazing in terms of quality and looks. I was not expecting something so nice. It works perfectly with my ThinkPad X1 Carbon.