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2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet - Gray

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  • Accommodates letter-size hanging files
  • Designed with stylish embossed drawer fronts and easy roll casters
  • Smooth suspension with three-quarter drawer extension
  • 2-drawer file cabinet perfect for personal use and where space is limited
  • Tucks under most work surfaces with easy-roll casters

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nice Basic File Cabinet (trouble with the castor assembly at first)

This is a nice basic file cabinet for the price. You do have to attach the castors and the handles with a phillips screw driver. At first I thought the screw holes on the bottom of the cabinet were too small for the screws provided, but they are just pre-drilled pilot holes. You need to push hard with a good sized screwdriver to get the screws started the first couple of turns, and then they screw in just fine. (Don't try to use a small phillips screwdriver or you will likely strip the screws and make them useless.) The castors do not scratch wood floors, but they also do not lock, so the cabinet moves a bit when opening and shutting the drawers. You do not have to attached the castors if you don't need wheels, since the bottom drawer opens fine either way. (24 5/8" high without castors and 26 3/4" high with the castors.)

Great cabinet for the money.

I am a 66 year old grandmother, and the reviewers who complained about the rollers being difficult to attach really make me wonder. It took me less that 15 minutes to attach them and the handles. Yes, the holes are smaller than the screws, but the screws can be turned and that makes for a tight fit. I don't know how long the rollers will last; I probably will only roll it around when cleaning. But they seem strong enough to me. I read a hint about loading the bottom drawer first and from the back--this solved the tipping problem some people mentioned. Yes, it is lightweight, but I do not use it for anything valuable. I would buy this again, and I would recommend it to others--great file for the price. Oh, and delivery only took 4 days.

Excellent value for the price.

5 stars because of the value. It's not built like a $300 file cabinet, but for the price you can't beat it.Pros:Wheels.Small form factor even with the wheels. (I got it specifically to fit under a table that's 27.5" high.)Price.Arrived in perfect conditions with easy-to-follow instructions.Cons:Thin metal, which means it wouldn't be hard to break into. It's more designed to keep out a snooping office mate rather than a thief. I'm pretty sure I could rip it open if I wanted to. But again, if you wanted something that's that secure, buy an actual safe not a file cabinet.Not a big issue, but you have to kinda wave the folders back and forth as you're putting them into the drawers because the indentations that the drawers glide on leave very little space between the folder and the indentation. Again, not much of an issue once you figure it out.It has a tendency to tip if you have both drawers out. Since mine is going under a table I just set a couple extra 10-pound plates on top of it since they don't show anyway and it doesn't tip at all.

An answer to my prayers

I have needed a file cabinet for awhile and always meant to go to my local office supply company to get one, but kept putting it off and forgetting about it. My problem finally became too big to ignore and I ordered this file cabinet online. It's absolutely perfect. I can not only keep track of my important papers, user manuals, and notebooks, but I can also lock the cabinet as well. The file cabinet looks nice and rolls easily across the floor if you should have to move it. I have hardwood and ceramic floors. So it definitely rolls easily across those. I don't think it would be too difficult to move on carpeting either as long as it's not something that could tangle in the wheels.

Storage! Stylish! Under $70? Awesome!

This is a great file cabinet for the price - AGAIN, for THE PRICE. Stop paying for discount price while expecting world class items that does everything you want it to. This file cabinet is exactly what you pay for. It works! Easy to install the handles. Yes, if you load the cabinet full, and open the top drawer your cabinet may tip - it is expected!!! If you want one that does not do that, you'll need to spend over $100 easily! This does what it promised to do, makes it easy to organize and store files. And yes, if you want it to really lock, you'll need a steel safe not a storage cabinet. The locks on this will easily be broken by burglars, they just deter at best. So if you have such sensitive files you need extra security for your files, invest in a good, heavy safe. Stop complaining about how easily the metal bend, how the locks are a joke or how it tips! You want it to do more? Pay more!