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Gooseneck Desk Lamp With Charging Port

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  • 3 kinds of custom lighting: Dimmable LED desk lamp has 3 color modes (cool white/warm white/natural light lighting mode), the 3 brightness levels can meet your different needs, very suitable for reading, relaxing, learning, and going to bed
  • Eye protection: The children's eye protection lamp is made of high-quality 24 LED chips, without ghosting and flickering, even if staying under the book lamp for a long time will not make eyes tired. It is designed to help people who read and work for hours a day to protect their eyesight and reduce eye strain.
  • Energy-saving LED lights: The high-efficiency 24 LEDs consume 80% less energy than traditional bulbs and have a service life of up to 50,000 hours without replacement. This means lower electricity bills and less carbon footprint.
  • Portable design and space-saving function: The LED clip table lamp can be rotated 360 at will, which is convenient for carrying around and easy to place in shelves, bags, and suitcases. The compact and stable base does not take up much space for use, the streamlined style is suitable for any type of decoration, including office or bedroom

Customer Reviews

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Great desk light with very strong clamp that does NOT slide around

This is a great lamp. Neck is flexible and stays put when adjusted. And the clamp is very strong.. I had to use two hands to clamp it on the desk :) I will post back if anything goes awry with this lamp but so far it's awesome sturdy and very well made.


The Kedsum Dimmable Eye-Care Lamp gives off a pleasant light that doesn't strain ones eyes even at the brightest setting. And the bendible​ neck that holds the light is equally as strainless to bend. What's more, the clip that clips this clip-on lamp to whatever you clip it onto is also strainlessly openable and closable and holds like a whatever gripping onto a whatever, with the lighting button on it responsive to the slightest touch of the digit of ones choice. This Kedsum clip-on lamp is what I've been looking for for a long time but was in the dark where to find it until I seen it in the .

Most versitile desk lamp ever!!!

I am highly impressed by the sturdiness and craftsmanship of this lamp. Very solid design and the clamp is not a wuss for grip. The ability to select from 3 types of light and then the brightness... Highly recommend to all

Not the brightest, but suits my need perfectly

The brightness and evenness of the light left a bit to be desired, but the fact that it has a nice clip and is pretty small helped a lot. I had a standing desk converter where my old desk lamp wouldn't fit, and this little lamp is the perfect solution! It does rely on USB to get power though, which was again unexpected, but if you'll be placing it next to a computer, chances are you will have a phone charger too.

very awesome

had this running off a 18200mah battery bank on low for 2 days straight and the bank is still at 4 bars of charge, draws 0.08ma on low 0.700ma high and 1.08A with mixed on high, be great for a truck driver or camping, still puts out alot of light on low too love it wanna get another