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Starfish Ball Chair - English Violet

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  • Stay Active Stay Focus - You may think it's impossible to stay active while sitting at a desk for hours. With our starfish chair, it's not! This revolutionary desk chair will change the way you sit by engages your abdominal and leg muscles while your mind is still free to concentrate on the task at hand, leading to higher energy levels and increased productivity and focus at work or study
  • Relief and Improve Posture -  Our starfish chair uses its unique structure design to encourages proper posture, as well as provides much-needed relief throughout the back
  • Design Meets Fitness - Besides makes sitting more comfortable and fun, this marvelous starfish is also cute and elegant which suitable for almost any style of Decor, just feel free to enjoy the comfortable touch brought by the patented COZYProtect Slipcover, soft and fluffy, gets rid of the squashy yoga ball effect, stretch fit, easy to install and disassemble, machine washable
  • Seat Height: 24-26 inches; 100% anti-burst and heavy-duty, supports up to 600lbs weight. Quick Air Pump included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love this neat chair alternative!

This chair is awesome! I gave assembly 4 stars only because the powder coating on the bars made it a little difficult to insert on some of them. Otherwise it is pretty darn self explanatory. I added a photo of the bottom to show that there are convenient button holes to insert the sliders on the feet outside of the cover. Mostly because I saw other reviews saying that it covered the sliders. It doesn’t if you assemble it correctly. I followed the instructions on blowing the ball up. Fill it to 70% for about 6 hours, then fill it the rest of the way. I have zero problems with the fit of the cover. Sure, the ball slides a little and when you sit on it (if you’re heavier like me) it goes through the stand a bit, but it’s nothing a little adjustment won’t fix. I can even sit cross legged on it while reading and it’s perfect. I highly, highly recommend!

Convenient ball chair for distance learning

My 7 year old is using it for distance learning in his “study closet” for about a month now. He likes it, it wipes off/cleans pretty well, and allows him to bounce a bit without it rolling every where. It is a bit noisy when he is bouncing a lot on it though.

Just what you’re looking for.

My Middle School aged son assembled this in a snap. We take turns using it for Virtual learning and teaching at home. We chose the Lemon cover and it looks like furniture.

Strengthen and straighten

I love this chair. I switch between it and a regular office chair. Make sure you have a pump that isn't foot operated, though. Comfortable, easy to stash - but big - I really like the way it looks.

Makes sitting 8+ hours a day fun.

Bought this to use in my work from home space versus a desk chair. It was less $ and looked ideal. Took me time to figure out how much air I can put in wall. The tape measure it came with makes no sense to me. I filled it enough to get it at the height I needed since at the recommended measurement was not enough air. The ball would sink down touching floor when I placed my weight on it. I was worried it would bust but it has not. I sit straighter on this. I bounce up and down when I am feeling stressed. No issue with back pains...but everyone is different. My teens use it when I am not. I have to buy them their own now. Great investment for my workspace. A conversation piece at time.