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Coffee Mug Warmer

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  • Warms Fast: This mug warmer has an automatic switch with heating and constant temperature function. Keeps all your favorite beverages to hot or warm,3 temperature settings warms reaches to 176F, Hot plate coffee warmer for desk make the drink taste more delicious.
  • Safe & Durable: The induction hot plate Cup heater electric 25W power, beverage mug warmer simple and direct, choose your favorite temperature, energy saving, (This cup warmer with an auto shut off function after working 4 hours. no safety hazards)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Works Great - Scientifically Proven . . .

Well, semi-scientifically anyway. I've been very happy with this mug warmer so far. Other mug warmers I've tried didn't keep my morning latte very warm at all. I wasn't asking for endless hours of warm coffee, just half and hour or 45 minutes so I could enjoy it without gulping it down immediately. I also didn't want to have to find a special flat bottom mug or put a cover back on after every sip (although I'm sure that would be effective too). This mug warmer has a higher temperature setting than many others (167 degrees) and at 25 watts, generates more heat than many others. The first picture above is the reading from a Thermapen just prior to sitting down at my desk for the morning: 141 degrees. The second reading at 30 minutes later, after drinking a little more than half, is only 3 degrees less. Not bad! It has a weight-activated switch on the bottom that gives off an audible click when you set the cup down. Some people might find that annoying but I don't find it so. When you pick up the cup, the unit switches off. Pretty simple.

Bought two, like them

After reading some of the reviews I was concerned that this warmer wouldn't do the job. None of my coffee mugs and cups have a flat bottom; they all have circular rims that make annular contact with the warmer. It turned out to be a non-problem, this warmer works well with all of them. Be aware that this product keeps your beverage warm/hot. It doesn't heat cold liquid to a nice hot drinking temperature, or if it will, it will take a long time (more than 30 minutes based on my experiment).My only rating that wasn't five stars is the temperature control, which I gave four. When your mug is low on beverage and the warmer is on the high (167 degree F) setting, the liquid can get pretty hot. Laws of physics as they are, there isn't much that can be done by any manufacturer without a temperature probe actually in the liquid. (The mug size and composition, fluid level, room temperature, relative humidity, etc. all play in how fast your beverage loses heat.) Just a heads up: if you're down to the last swallow or two, drop the setting to low (131 F).


I have been looking for a long time for a GOOD mug warmer and FINALLY this has fit the criteria - KEEP my coffee HOT. I like the auto switch on the bottom that turns off the warmer when there is nothing on it - a really safety feature! I love the three temperatures because I don't need it on high when I only have a half or quarter cup of coffee in the mug. I also, love the safety feature that it will turn itself off after 4 continuous hours. I have left on a couple of occasions and failed to turn off my previous warmer. Thank you nicelucky

Coffee, Tea or any hot beverage in a mug.

I drink many cups of tea during the day/evening and if I'm working on the computer or reading a book I'll tend to forget about it occasionaly and the contents will get cold, therefor I have to go nuke it in the microwave, with this small hotplate I no longer have to do that and the three diferent temperature settings is a great idea, when my cup is full I use the highest setting (167 degrees) and drop to the lower setting as the liquid level gets lower, half full I go with the middle setting (149 degrees) and when the cup is low I use the lowest setting, (131 degrees).Now I think many folks just use one setting for however hot they like to have their choice of beverage at, but that's just me!So if you are like me and your beverage gets cold because you are immersed in your work or a good book then you will love this product as much as I do!Do yourself (or for someone else) a favor and order one of these mug warmers, you will be glad that you did.PS: my largest mug is 4" across and it works on that mug very well and it is not a flat bottomed mug, I actually don't own one with a flat bottom and I use at least 6 different style mugs, I haven't looked back but I think products like this recommend using a flat bottomed mug and that's because that more of the mug will contact the heating component, this is probably good advice but it works well on all of the mugs that I am currently using.Note: If you have a larger mug this device would probably work with up to a 5" diameter mug (outside measurement.)

Keeps drinks at a good temp

I picked up the mig warmer along with the inlcuded mug for a little added cost. It was a gift for my brother for those cold nights. He has really enjoyed it and has made use of it for his tea. The mug is not really his first choice, as he really likes his other mugs but it was a nice added feature and still get's use. The warmer is not wireless and does need to be plugged in through an AC outlet. The warmer has an automatic timer and light that will indicate when the device is on. It uses the weight of any mug to determine whether it should be warming. Over all, he was pleased with it