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3-Drawer File Cabinet

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  • Accommodates letter-size hanging files
  • Lock secures top two drawers
  • Three-quarter drawer extension
  • 3-drawer file cabinet is best for personal use

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This is really a great file cabinet, but I wish I bought one would wheels.

Either the handles and the key were left out of the order by mistake, or they were misplaced by the person who opened the box, which is highly unlikely. Either way, they need to be replaced – most importantly the handles. We cannot use it without them. I'm sorry it took me so long to contact you about this, but I just found out myself. You see, I'm paralyzed and bedbound, so I don't know what goes on beyond my bedroom walls. I don't know any other way to contact you. Once I hear back from you, I promise I'll change this review and remove all this.

Was very pleased with this filing cabinet

Was very pleased with this filing cabinet! Arrived as you see it in picture, only had to assemble the handles, easy peasy! I was in a panic at first because I didn't understand that the hangers for where my hanging files would hang from are BUILT-IN to this cabinet! It's been about 25 years since I've dealt with one of these, at my job, and I guess they made them a little differently back then? So, big sigh of relief as my hanging files & folders went right in! My cabinet did not come with any wheels. I don't know if it was supposed to or not, but I prefer them without wheels anyway. Top two drawers are the only ones that lock when lock is engaged. Metal isn't too thick & cabinet seems lightweight but it won't be after I get all my files & paperwork in there, I guarantee it! Just my luck, though, no sooner did I order & receive this 3-door cabinet, than my neighbor put out a 4-DOOR black filing cabinet for $50 on his lawn sale!!! That is typical of how my life goes. A little chuckle for you today! :)

USPS didn’t protect item from heavy rain. Box was drenched and water inside box and merchandise

File cabinet for personal items. USPS left at front door did not knock and left it in pouring rain with covering with plastic bag. Brought box in and box was full of water and at that it was upside down when box said this side up. File draws were also wet

Finally pulled the trigger on this one and I am glad I did

Been wanting a filing cabinet to keep my affairs in order. Now I am married and have to be the one to keep my wife's affairs in order as well. Finally pulled the trigger on this one and I am glad I did. The only flaw I found in the design is on the rods which hold the hanging file folders. If they get pushed all the way toward the front of the cabinet, the hooks on the folders will fall off the rails. I alleviated this by putting a 1" thick piece of foam in the front, which keeps the folders nicely in place on the rails. Other than that, nice cabinet. Smooth drawers opening and closing. Like the locking feature.

Purchased to re-organize

I had a 2 drawer and it was very disorganized, due to lack of my upkeeping. My news years resolution for 2019 was to redo our whole file system and keep it that way. Using the top 2 drawers for folders only, it took me almost a week to think of every possible category that I would need and transfer over papers and go through my "sort out" pile. This came 99.9% assembled, I just had to put on the handles. It was light weight enough that I could move it. And the box was great for my kids to play in so I could start sorting out said files! Definitely worth the money!