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Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow With Memory Foam

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  • 100% Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion: Our seat cushion and lumbar support pillow are made of 100% pure high-density premium durable memory foam which has NO ODOR and NEVER GOES FLAT!!! It can provide support, and give you more comfort than a donut pillow. Also can be used to improve bad posture and relieve leg pain while driving or sitting for long periods, enhancing your comfort while retaining its density.
  • Coccyx Seat Cushion: Our desk chair cushions adopt a U-shaped ergonomic design by orthopedic surgeons and medical doctors by alleviating pressure on the coccyx/tailbone and relieving Sciatic Nerve Pain or Sciatica, Arthritis, Low Back, Lumbar, Tailbone, Prostate, Hip, Piriformis, Spine, Leg Pain, Backaches, Sores, Hemorrhoids, and post-surgery, injury or pregnancy pain relief.
  • Back Cushion: Lumbar support pillow for office chair alleviates pains from a greater surface area, including stiffness and tension in the upper, mid, and lower-back region as a result of backaches from sitting, muscle aches from lifting and exercise, arthritis, stenosis, herniated disks, and general soreness. The contoured shape supports your back's natural curve for proper spinal alignment and to promote healthy posture. The back pillow also has a UNIQUE POCKET FOR PHONE or other things.
  • Works with Any Chair: The seat pad features a non-slip, rubber bottom to ensure it stay firmly positioned in a seat. Two Adjustable Straps keep the back support cushion in place and prevent the lumbar pillow from sliding down. So the combo is suitable for office chair, computer chair, game chair, car seat, wheelchair, recliner, any home chair, or a seat on a bus, airplane, or train. It is also suitable for drivers, teachers, students, people with wheelchairs, pregnant women, office workers, etc.

Customer Reviews

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Top rated for a reason

Since March I have been working from home. I sit for 8 hrs a day minimum! I was ending each day with sever back and tailbone pain. Since using this product both are gone. What I like the most is that neither product gets completely squashed but the end of the day! Great support and great comfort! Love Love Love

Very comfortable

It's bigger than I expected, so I didn't expect it to be comfortable at all, but it really is. I'm a XXL sized guy, so it's nice having something big enough to support me.So far great product, the back stays in place well from the straps and the bottom does not slide around easy. I can already feel a difference and I've only been using it for about two weeks.I definitely recommend this product for you or a friend/coworker/family member as a gift.

Comfort level is great.

I was using one from several years and it really helped me with lower back pain and sciatica and gave me a little boost on the chair. I recently bought this for my husband as he is also sitting all day and complains of lower back pain. It's been two days and he can't get over it, keeps saying why didn't you tell me about this before.Lol.Sorry.But it really is great if you are sitting to work all day, I used it to drive too.Thanks.


These new seat cusions are amazing. So comfortable in my recliner and office chairs

Great Lumbar support!

I am getting the benefit of much better lumbar support in my office chair(s) now. It took some experimenting to find the best positioning but since I do spend 8 hours daily sitting in front of a computer screen, as so many of us do, the Qutool cushion set has proven to be a worthwhile purchase to give me some much-needed comfort.