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Adjustable Standing Desk with Drawer - Rustic Brown

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  • Electric Height Adjustable: There are 4 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 28.36 inches to 46.06 inches
  • Pull-out Drawer: Underdesk fabric drawer frees up desk space and provides a comfortable work environment
  • Simple Assembly: The tabletop comes packaged in 2 sections for assembly
  • Electric Lift System: The lift system with sturdy steel. Contained an industrial-grade steel frame that able to support up to 176 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fantastic Quality and function

Fantastic, quality desk- especially for the cost. Desk was packed like a work of art with high-quality shipping material and fairly compact. Raises and lowers quickly and very sturdy. Digital display of height and 4 memory settings. Better than expected .

Met all my expectations!

Because of WFH since COVID I needed a new home office. I soon made the decision to go with an adjustable desk and I sure have no regrets. There are a lot of models but Fezibo has many different finishes as well as sizes. The price is also very competitive compared to other similar products.I picked the 55" because I use 2 monitors plus my laptop and I still have plenty of space as you can see on the picture. This model also comes with a drawer, although its content should be limited to paper, glasses, headset, etc. as it is soft drawer.I had read extensively other reviews before making the purchase and I can say one month into it that my experience has been very good.1) Assembly was straight forward. Some steps such as leg assembly are easier if you have a partner but I did it alone. You can't really get it wrong. if you unpack and place all the parts before starting assembly2) The electric component to move the table up and down has worked without any flaws. I typically change height 3 times a day: I start the day up, take a break a some point during the day and there go back up to finish my day of work. It is not particularly noisy and speed is good.3) Memory settings: very useful as I don't have to think each time what height I should go to.4) Casters: the table comes with casters so you can easily move the table. I had not noticed it when shopping for the table. Will be convenient for me as the tale is in a guest room4) Stability: some reviewers have complained about the table being wobbly. This is not my experience. If you push on it yes it shakes a little bit but if I type on the keyboard it does not move.The only minor recommendation for Fezibo is a stronger drawer.So in summary I am very happy with the purchase.Now if you are standing up much of the day like me you definitely need something to rest your legs. I have been using a box with a padded cover for the time being but will switch to a proper Fezibo anti-fatigue mat. Looking forward to it!

UPDATE: Great Customer Service Wrong color received, Motor Fault = disappointing

Update 12/10 - Customer service worked to resolve and sent a new desk that is working as designed. Thank you.Great build quality. Incorrect color was sent. Had to assemble as it’s needed for work, disappointed a great product but poor logistics in shipping department.Update : after one day getting error E14 for bad motor.Very disappointed in product

Creative desk design+a pull-out drawer

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I wanted to upgrade my battlestation to something that can be flexible for work, play, and leisure use throughout the day. And like many of you, I'm rolling my face on the keyboard for most of the day so some standing now and then is important for me. The desk itself is very sturdy. You can climb on top of the desk and raise and lower it without any issue of imbalance or capsizing. (Don't ask why I know this.) Oh, It is worth mentioning that there is a drawer I can store knick-knacks on my desk! It's a perfect size and looks good! It kind of takes me back to my childhood where we had canvas-covered boxes around the house; more purposeful than decorative back then.

Four positions are available

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. So about a year and a half ago, my company started moving to open concept floor plans, and height adjustable desks. I've been waiting a while to find something of the same quality at my home as we have at the office. This desk, in my humble opinion, beats what we have at work.The look - aesthetically pleasing, sleek, sexy.The motor/controls - very strong, very quiet, easy to use, 4 memory positions are awesome. It's quick to get to the height you need at the push of a button.The build - very sturdy, thick metal frame. easy to assemble. the work surface is huge (55in) and very sturdy as well.