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Red Light Therapy Lamp - Low Heat Bulb

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  • NATURAL. NON-INVASIVE. DRUG-FREE. Did you know that red light therapy delivers safe, concentrated wavelengths of therapeutic natural light to your skin and cells, where it reduces oxidative stress and stimulates cellular energy production? All without the side effects and major health risks you get with prescription pain meds and invasive procedures. (Notice: Do not buy this lamp if you need a high heat bulb!)
  • COMPARE TO TRADITIONAL BULB. The LED bulbs are more efficient and more advanced than incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan up to 30,000 hours. The LED bulb does not emit much heat compares to the incandescent bulb. Please note that your body is benefiting from red & infrared wavelengths, not the heat from the red light therapy device. The heat can't have any effects on your body cells. The incandescent bulb has a single infrared wavelength only, it lacks the red light wavelength.
  • GETTING STARTED. You will see the amazing results and health benefits by consistently using the red and near-infrared light therapy device. The benefits have been proven by numerous clinical studies, so trust that your body is benefiting from every treatment session. Some people will see benefits within few days but normally it takes 1-2 months to see the improvements in skin and health issues.

Customer Reviews

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Red light therapy skeptic is a believer

So yes, I drank the Kool-aid and purchased a red therapy lamp. I wasn't sure I was going to actually be convinced to use it regularly but I had a huge blister on my heel that just wouldn't heal. (I used all the normal stuff but it was deep and sore). A couple doses of red light therapy on my heel and the sore spot healed up FAST. I used it a couple of days -- no sign of the damage. Now I'm off to use it for everything. When I saw this bulb I grabbed it fast. I'm a believer. The only problem is this is a big bulb -- I'm now in search of the right lamp so I can use it. I do like that it's just the bulb because if I can find the "right" lamp, it'll be way more flexible for use than the device I currently have.

Product arrived promptly

Product arrived promptly and functions. I didn't have a light reading tool to measure the output, but it seems quite bright. Will need more time to determine if the healing properties are true!

Red Therapy Lamp

This review is for the Red Light Therapy Lamp, 660nm & 850nm 18 LED 38W Near Infrared Led Light Therapy, Clinical Grade Home Use Red Light Bulb for Skin, Pain Relief, Muscle Recovery, Boost Immunity, Inflammation (Bulb)If you have checked the price for this therapy at a doctors office or spa you will immediately notice what a deal this is .Warms up nicely and makes my hands feel much better after working on my home projects.Many uses. It is larger than a normal bulb at five inches, but can go in many fixtures.

Bargain effective red light and it works.

I've been using this light at the close range for shorter periods of time. The light came packaged very well and arrived in perfect condition. It came with clear instructions for use. I recently burnt my face with a curling iron, I'm aging, LOL, and had have hair loss. I've been treating those areas and the back of my neck where I've had this weird acne for several months. They say it's autoimmune related and there's a name for it, but I can't keep up with everything and can't remember what it's called. It doesn't go away, it can be really itchy and deeply painful. This light has made a difference on the back of my neck. In three days of light exposure, I have zero acne on my neck. I just checked again and there is nothing, nothing deep down either and no scabs. I hope this continues. I need a light holder because my arms are getting tired using it, but it's great. I want more and I want to create a device to hold it correctly, or order something that will make using it easier. This is a bargain price when comparing other products that claim to be similar. I hope this continues to work. I'm really excited to have this light. I hope it does help with wrinkles, skin tone and hair growth too. Since that acne has improved I suspect there's a chance at hair and skin improvement too.

Was Interested in purchasing this product as I've heard it raises men's testosterone.

About a week into using this product (shining on my balls for about 20 minutes) I've noticed my workouts have been the absolute best in 6 years straight, at first I was not even thinking that it could be this light after only a few uses but it appears to be so. I just tested my testosterone which was in really good shape and I will re-rest to see my levels again after about a month or two of using this product to see if it raises by flashing this on my balls.