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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Coral/White

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  • FULL-SIZE WIRELESS KEYBOARD MOUSE -- Full-size keyboard provides everything you need at your fingers: the media/fn keys, numeric pad, etc. The mouse and the keyboard are easily operated with a sensitive touch and combined signal, so all you have to do before enjoy this amazing keyboard and mouse is plug the USB receiver from the keyboard and turn both on.
  • SLEEK AND QUIET KEYBOARD MOUSE SET -- You will get a sleek & stylish keyboard and mouse set at a very reasonable price, which is matt finished with black and silver 2 colors. We won't call it "whisper quiet", but it's definitely much quieter than a traditional keyboard & mouse, especially the old-fashioned mechanical keyboard.
  • STABLE CONNECTION & ADJUSTABLE DPI -- Both keyboard and mouse are connected with the same USB receiver, thanks to the 2.4G good connectivity, you will not experience any connection or lag issues! The DPI switch on the top of the mouse makes it easy to change mouse sensitivity when gaming or whatever (DPI rage: 800-1200-1600).
  • INTELLIGENT SLEEP FOR SAVING POWER -- Featuring an intelligent sleep mode, the build-in chips will detect your working conditions automatically, if there is no operation more than 10 minutes, the keyboard and mouse will turn to sleep mode for energy saving, you are able to wake the keyboard and mouse up in 3 seconds by pressing any key on the keyboard and the left or right button on the mouse.

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend. Well made, as described, and SILENT!

This keyboard is great. It is exactly as described. I only just received it, so I can not speak to the battery life, but it does automatically shut down if it goes unused for 10 minutes. The thing I love so much about it is the silence of the keypad and mouse.... none....zero. It is silent. I highly recommend this keyboard and mouse set. I have 2 of them now, one for each office.


This keyboard has the spring-back action I was looking for. It comes with a rubber skin on it...I tried that, but it slowed me down....so I guess I'll let the keyboard get dust in it for the sake of speed. It's a little bit "clacky" not as quiet as my laptop, but it is the closest thing I've found to the quiet, springy, fast action of my Dell laptop.Sleep mode: The green power indicator light stays on....wish it would turn off in sleep mode, so I gave it 3 stars.

Took a second, but I really like this product

I originally was having issues with the mouse, but then I realized that there is a good sleep mode on the mouse and I need to click on the mouse to wake it up. I was having a hard time getting the mouse to turn on and I would turn the on and off button with not much success. The keyboard and mouse are a little more flat to the table than I would have liked, but I've made some adjustments by laying the keyboard on a slim book and using a wrist guard and it now works perfectly. The mouse and keyboard are very responsive.

Clean and easy to use

I really like this keyboard and mouse because it looks clean and it is really easy to use. The mouse is a little smaller than I expected but I do not mind because it gives it a more minimalistic look and feel. The keyboard also comes with the keyboard cover which reminds me of computer class in the sixth grade. It keeps my keyboard clean and looking great though so I do not mind. Connection and ease of use were super simple and I will be using it till she dies.

Great Product

The keyboard and mouse arrived very quickly and professionally boxed. Sleek and beautiful. Had it up and running in a couple minutes. No drivers needed. Excellent customer service as well. I wrote to them to ask for another plastic keyboard cover after spilling something on it...my fault. A replacement was sent within a week, no questions asked. Great experience. Would recommend to anyone.