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L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk - Black

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  • Electric Height Adjustable: The desk has 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 27.6" to 47.3".
  • Elegant Workspace: The L-shaped large work surface measuring 48" to provide ample room.
  • Electric Lift System: The lift system with sturdy steel. Contained an industrial-grade steel frame that able to support up to 176 lbs.
  • Wooden Stand: Our additional wooden stand can be used as a laptop riser or a storage shelf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
sturdy desk with smooth movement in adjusting heights

I use this desk everyday for computer work. It has enough space to keep two laptops and one external monitor. So, it is easy to switch between personal and work laptops. I use the wooden shelf to keep the laptop screen at eye level while using an external keyboard and mouse. Due to my ergo injury, I had to be very careful at setting up these. The desk is perfect for me.I needed about 2 hours to assemble it. I am slow and not a very strong person but I assembled a lot of pieces before. Understanding the instructions and not making a mistake are important. After setting it up, I found it to be very sturdy. It moves smoothly up and down. I programmed two positions easily according to my height. The yellow color is cute.

Good stuff

Definitely worth the money. Not fancy but it get's the job done and serves its main purpose which is to lift the desk to the desired height that you want while giving you some space to work with. Installation was easy and not as time consuming as I thought it would be, no more than an hour for me. Overall quality of the desk is great for what you pay for. If you are looking for something decent that is sturdy then I recommend this. Picture displayed has a 24" monitor to give perspective on how much space it would take up if you have a monitor yourself.

Outstanding sit to stand desk

I LOVE this desk! I was skeptical to order as there weren't many reviews when I first ordered this, but I'm so glad I didn't let that stop me. The wood finish is beautiful and looks great in my office; the desk itself is a great size. I can easily fit a monitor laptop stand (and laptop) and shelf with room to spare. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great looking sit to stand desk.

Very sturdy and good value

The first thing that hit me was the quality of the packing. Things were well protected with dense protection material. Pleasantly surprised with the quality of this desk. It is heavy and very sturdy. The hardware isn't cheap and the instructions were clear. The desk was put together in about 2 hours. There are accessory hooks on the side to hang bags or headphones or whatever you want. Cable management consists of a tray underneath for a power strip and adhesive wire ties that you can place yourself as needed.Pros:Clear instructionsGood hardwareHeavy dutyWire management clips includedAccessory hooksSmall monitor riser or small shelf included.Cons:Table top could be slightly better qualityNeeds storage solution for power blockOverall I'm very happy with this purchase. The table top could be of better quality but isn't cheap by any means. It just would be nicer if it was a little thicker. A place to secure the power block would be nice but those are minor quibbles at this price point. Even if I spent $150 more, I still would be satisfied with the purchase.

Affordable and High Quality Standing Corner Table!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Frankly speaking, I was initially hesitating to purchase a corner standing table because of the absurdly high pricing tag for this kind of product! According to my searching experience, the price can easily go beyond $500 for a "corner" "standing" desk. When I was surfing , this table pops in my eye because of the price. However, I sort of having a concern about this product initially because it has very few reviews. But eventually, I decided to give it a shot.It turns out this product is super high quality both regarding the packing and the eventual shape. As shown the first figure, I like the packing of this product - compact and solid. It gives me an impression - this table can work for a long time :). Although we have to manually concatenate the three woods together as the top of the table, the joint place are super flat - which is good for you to use a mouse.I also want to point out that this product is very considerate. First, it comes with long wires. And it also offers plenty of cable management clamps so that you can pack the wires very well. Further, these clamps can paste at the back of the table top so that all the wires are very well managed. Second, it provides rollers so you can literally move it to any where and directions - this is useful when the sunshine shifts during daytime. Third, its height range is very wide - can be both very low and very high. This turns out to be useful for my entire families.I really enjoyed this product. Hope to write this useful review to help other ppl that are seeking for similar affordable and high quality standing corner tables!