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32" Standing Desk Converter - Black

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  • Who This Converter Is For: If you appreciate the fine details, then you will not be disappointed with this desk. We use premium matte MDF wood to add a nice smooth finish to the surface material. Most desks on the market use particleboard. It's a small detail that makes a big difference in the look and feel of your desk.
  • Universal Fit For Monitors: This height adjustable desk riser is designed to support all sizes of monitors and includes enough surface area to fit a dual-monitor system, keyboard, speakers, and more. In addition, A pre-set grommet hole allows for simple installation of an external monitor mount for heightened capabilities.
  • Simple Transition: Minimum effort is required to raise and lower this adjustable desk riser, outfitted with a squeeze handle gas spring assisted lifting mechanisms.
  • Modernize Your Workstation: From improving health and posture to making in-office meetings more interactive and accessible, this sit-stand desk will become a staple in the modern workplace.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It works as decribed!

I use this product as a stand up desk for a keyboard, a roller ball mouse, and two monitors. I've had it for about 3 months and it works perfectly. Set up was easy - 4 screws that hold the keyboard shelf to it brackets. It can be lowered and locked in place for transport, but beware it is heavy. The unit is sturdy and stays in place. The desktop and keyboard shelf are easy to raise and lower, and stop at any height between minimum and maximum. I'm 5'10" and the unit can still be raised at least 1" when adjusted for my height. When in the lowest position, the keyboard is about an inch higher than its normal position on a desk. Compared to other stand-up units, this was reasonably priced.

Great product for a great price!

This stand up desk has been a saving grace for me. I am teleworking and most of my work is in front of the computer. I have the expensive brand at work but it's such a hassle to bring it home although my organization allows me to bring it home, it is very heavy so I decided to look for one that is reasonably prized and this one is just perfect for me. I would recommend this product, it is very sturdy.

Love it. Well made and functional

Needed a desk I could stand with at home, but I am picky. This did everything I need. Love the tiers on this, one for your key board and one for the computer. Very ergonomic. I have enough room for my computer, coffee and a light on the top. ON the bottom I use a full size key board and mouse pad with room to spare. It is super easy to lift up and down. Very stable and sturdy. High quality. My husband now wants to replace his lesser then with one like mine.

Great product!

The desk is exactly as described, I only had to attach the keyboard shelf, which was very easy to do. Not too heavy but very sturdy. I love it, it's perfect for those of us with home offices and bad backs or other physical issues that require us to stand while working. I recommend this product, it's assembled and a great price!


At first I thought it was too big to work on my office desk. I tried it and it was just right. This unit is very easy to move up and down to change from the sitting position to the standing position. This unit is real sturdy. If you want it to work for you, be sure before you set it up that the various wires to your computer are long enough so that when you raise the unit, you will not be pulling out any wires or stretching then too tight. I added some cord extensions to the computer, monitor, keypad and cursor. I have no problems when I raise the unit