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Red Light Therapy Lamp

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  • 2 BENEFICIAL WAVELENGTHS COMBINED Our red light therapy bulb combined 2 specific wavelengths in the mid 660nm and 850nm which have been proven to be particularly beneficial for the human body. This therapy light bulb with 18pcs High Power LEDs Chip, 9PCS chip emit 660nm deep red light, 9PCS chip emit 850nm near-infrared light. As the near-infrared light is invisible light, half of the infrared lamp's chip will not emit light when the red light therapy device is working.
  • RELIEVING PAIN OR SKIN-REPAIRING 660nm and 850nm these 2 wavelengths are the perfect comb of light therapy. As the red light doesn't penetrate as far into the skin, it is suitable for superficial treatment, like reduce wrinkles. while the near-infrared penetrates deep into the skin, direct to the pain point, and more effectively relieving pain. So it's very helpful for joint pain of the legs, muscle ache of the back, shoulders, cervical soreness.
  • EASY TO USE AND PORTABLE This infrared light therapy lamp has anE26 base and the input voltage is AC100-265V. We provide a clip in E26 Socket with Plug, 1 piece of sunglass, you no need to buy any other accessory.it will be work when you connect with electricity and turn on the switch. You can fix the lamps somewhere by the clamp. It is only 2.8 pounds, so you do not just use it at home and also in a traveling hotel, enjoy your light therapy at any time and anywhere.
  • WELL MADE & DURABLE USE This infrared light bulb housing made by aluminum for better heat dissipation, which with cooling fins, durable to use. Without cooling fans, so there is no noise that disturbs you when you enjoy your light therapy, life Span 50,000+ hours. This infrared light therapy for pain is equipped with a 30-degree optical glass lens which improves the Irradiance 121mW/cm2 at 3inches distance, which will improve infrared lamp therapy treatment effect, meantime shorten the time.

Customer Reviews

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Works well

Not sure how this will work over time but happy with the purchase.

Quality lamp provides effective relief!!

The infrared LED provided gentle, deep, penetrating heat, while the red LED promotes recovery. The lamp is well made and it fits into regular light socket.

Excellent craftmanship, value, results

Solid construction of only essential parts for safety. Essential components for cost reduction (same bulb + apparatus over $150). Simple to use: Clip it on, plug it in. CAUTION: I AM NOT A DOCTOR and THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, BUT, common sense would remined us: DO NOT TO USE WITH CREAMS, LOTIONS OR OTHER TOPICAL "RUBS". The lights are intensified like the sun and may burn. Don't be tempted to overuse the 1st and several initial times. Product is designed for long term use. "low and slow. often is better". ' Would be cool to include a small piece of film to see the yellow lights. Also EAT RIGHT: Search: inflammatory foods.

Well red light therapy!

So good red light therapy lamp! This light transmits a little bit of heat and is good for pain, I found that it was able to help my muscles relax a little bit. it's really a homeopathic way of treating your pain.

Works slow and steady!

Using for skin conditions and sore joints. Seems to help after using for a week daily. Would recommend.