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31" Adjustable Desk Riser

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  • Create Instant Active Standing - Our desk riser provides on-demand standing throughout the day for the freedom to get out of your chair and relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and increase productivity.
  • Space Efficient 31.5" Surface - The top surface measures 31.5 x 15.7, which maximizes space while still providing room for dual monitors. The 31.3" x 11.8" keyboard tray raises in sync with the top surface to create a comfortable workstation.
  • Strong 33 lbs Lift Assist - Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism (Adjustment Range: 4.5" to 20"). The lift design elevates straight upwards.
  • Very Minimal Assembly - This riser is almost ready to go right out of the box! Place on your existing desk, attach the keyboard tray and start organizing your workstation.

Customer Reviews

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Sturdy, WORKS, promotes less back pain and less weight gain

I am SUPER impressed for the price. I am a nurse so I am used to standing up chatting with those rolling computer charts. When I started doing NICU reviews from home for an insurance company I put on 20 lbs and couldn’t get it off. This is a great start!!! I work out every AM and am very mindful of what I eat now since I am not moving around as much, I don’t need as much “fuel”. I felt like such a lump sitting all day and have had to make multiple trips to the chiropractors due to my neck and back being out. Something that has never happened to me before sitting. Additionally I gained wait in every weird areas (inner thighs) as gravity was not my friend. I have already noticed a huge difference in the way I feel!!! And I love the ease of use this desk provides! It goes up and down super easy and is pretty darn sturdy considering I have two massive screens. Wish the little tray in the front had a hole that could actually fit my phone with my otter box case but seriously worth every penny. Totally beats out the 1,000 price tag and bulk of treadmill desks. This is truly amazing and I love it!!!!

Well after it arrived I set it up (which was very easy out of the box) and placed two 22" monitor...

I just transformed my office from a traditional desk and high back chair to this standing desk. My credenza is only 16" deep so I needed a standing desk that had a narrower footprint than most on the market. I saw this VIVO, which had the right measurements for me, but was a little concerned at the design with only one assist arm and the "X" shaped support legs that get narrower (closer together) as you raise the desk. The concern was that the desk would not be steady when raised to max height. Well after it arrived I set it up (which was very easy out of the box) and placed two 22" monitors on top along with a wireless keyboard and mouse on the keyboard shelf. I raised it up to accommodate by 6' height standing on a 2" Topo floor mat and confirmed right away that this desk is solid as a rock. Highly recommended. Great design, features and overall look at a fantastic price. After only one week with this setup my hip and leg pain are gone. If you have been on the fence, get off and get yourself a standing desk. If your space is limited, get this VIVO.

Love it so far! Amazing bang for buck.

Just received it today, and am very pleased so far. I had procrastinated and agonized about buying a converter for the past couple of years (ok, so I am a research geek and neurotic :-)), but really needed to buy one for home use because of my bad back. There are so many out there, and how can you tell which will suit your needs without trying them out? Do I bite the bullet and buy an expensive name brand that may not be any better, and might actually not be as good? The reviews certainly didn't support that they were any better. And such a heavy item could not be fun to attempt to return.The box it arrived in was a bit banged up, but the converter was undamaged. Much sturdier than I had imagined, there is no comparison to the converter I used 4 years ago at my job: it had worked fine, but was nowhere near as solid - the keyboard tray was plastic and rattled when I typed. There was no friction or locking mechanism, so any leaning would lower the converter.It comes completely assembled except for the keyboard tray. The keyboard tray holes and mounting mechanism and mounting holes were a bit misaligned, but with a little extra effort we were able to install it in about 5 minutes (2 sets of hands), and bam! All set.Plenty of room for: 15" Macbook Pro. 27" Dell monitor. Wireless Logitech keyboard. Anker Wireless Ergo Mouse. Lovely wide keyboard tray with lots of mousing room.

Life changing for home office!

I love this sit/stand desk, and find it 100 times better than the one I have at work. I was issued a Ergotron sit/stand desk at work and loved standing because it has resolved my back, neck and shoulder issues totally. However,, that product is super heavy to lift with two full-sized monitors on it (I am a small woman with a rotator cuff injury), and takes up so much space - even with an executive desk, I have now have little space on my work desk. My work desk was $600 more than this desk, and the keyboard tray is under the top shelf & isn't wide enough for an ergo keyboard + mouse - boo! I wish I'd tried this desk first because we bought the other for the whole staff...what a waste!At home, I have a built-in desk, so chose this one because it has a small footprint, and a larger keyboard piece that the other on - this was important so that I could have my mouse and keyboard on the same level and ergonomically correct. It fits perfectly. I also like that the keyboard tray protrudes a little bit so your hands are not under the top shelf. But, the best part, is that you can raise and lower the shelf with one hand, and it has gas piston operated lift, so no lifting and it goes up and down very gently - even with two monitors.Sitting down, I find it easy to use and at a good height. I love it and am very happy with it - would 100% recommend it, and already shared it with my peers who work at home.

Great product!

I'm a nurse who went from being on my feet 12+ hours several days a week to now working from home and being at a desk all day doing pre-auths for insurance and my hips are not loving it at all. Sitting 8 hours a day are just killing my hips. I'm loving this desk because I can alternate sitting and standing while working. It was extremely easy to assemble and set up. The spring system makes it a breeze to raise and lower into place. It's very sturdy too. I was concerned that my monitors would shake around and move when raising/lowering it but nope, not at all! I was originally looking at one that was $300+ but then found this one and made my decision based on the reviews. I have two 22 inch monitors that I work with and it fits them perfectly. Extremely happy with this purchase and definitely will be recommending it to my co-workers! In fact, my dad is purchasing one too!