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Ergonomical Knee Chair with Casters

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  • Features memory foam seat cushion
  • Black finish
  • Ergonomicaly designed for maximum comfort



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I found out in my old age I need all ...

I found out in my old age I need all sorts of different types of seating. I missed my old knee stool. It's helping my spine. I'm short and learning to straddle it to sit down is exercise too. It hurt my legs leaning on the material but it's only natural with new things. Now my legs have toughened up. Didn't take long.

Comfort, comfort, comfort

I had already purchased one of these for my office. The second for a small desk area in my kitchen. The chair includes easy to follow assembly directions and takes little time/effort to assemble. The chair is durable, made of quality materials and is very comfortable. I had owned one of these chairs many years ago and forgot just how comfortable they are. I can sit for longer periods of time without my back getting stiff/sore.

Everyone needs this.

If you sit alot, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS THING. I've not had a single problem with it. My back doesn't hurt and it's second nature to sit in it. I love it.

perfect for my bad back

i have a ruptured disc that causes leg pain (sciatica) when i sit and stand up. i thought a kneeling chair may help, but because my doctor and physical therapist didn't have a comment, i didn't want to spend a lot of money just to try it out. i chose this product because it looks like office furniture (i intended to use it at work), it had a good rating, and it wasn't too expensive. it worked so well that I purchased on for home use as well. it somehow tricks my back into thinking i am not sitting down, so i no longer have issues when using it (i.e. sitting down and standing up). i think doctors should recommend this type of chair more often for back pain. i could not a kneeling chair at any local stores; so glad i found it on .

Great Chair for Classroom Use

I LOVE this chair, and so do my students! I use it when working at my desk and when working side-by-side with my art students. It promotes good, comfortable posture. I sometimes give my students the privilege of using my "special chair" for the day, and they say it's the best chair they've ever used.