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Lumbar Support Pillow With Memory Foam

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  • HIGH-QUALITY MEMORY FOAM MATERIAL - Our Lumbar Pillow is made of pure premium quality memory foam with no additives and uses exactly the same material as the world's leading memory foam manufacturer. It can remain resilient for a long time. It can be used to improve bad posture and relieve back and waist pain while driving or sitting for long periods, enhancing your comfort while retaining its density.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN- This ergonomic backrest pad with a contoured structure can be placed anywhere along the back of a chair and fit any height person, just slightly adjust the position of it. It can be aimed at your back while gently supporting and protecting your back. Sit straighter, and correct your Sitting position, instead of hunched over your desk.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP- With adjustable elastic straps design, ensuring back cushions stays on the seat without any slipping or sliding. suitable for most office chairs, car seats, wheelchairs, game chairs, recliners, home chairs, very suitable for car drivers, Office workers, students, pregnant women, people in wheelchairs.
  • BREATHABLE MESH & SOFT VELVET COVER - with breathable mesh cloth and soft velvet cover, this back support pillow can keep back air circulating well. And the cover is removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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Comfortable & serves its purpose

I have terrible back pain for years and always need some sort of support when sitting. I needed a pillow to support my lower back when driving. So far this the most comfortable support I’ve had. I tried other types of supports and it just wasn’t good enough. Either they were too soft or too hard. This gave enough support on my lower back and gradually thins out on the top allowing me to sit back comfortably as well.

Works like a charm

I put this lumber support pillow in my gaming/office chair. It fits my chair pretty well. The cushion is also equipped with two belts to make it fixed on the chair so it doesn't move easily. I already washed the cover in a washer. There was no problem with it and I reinstalled it onto the foam. It works as usual. It really gives me the back support that I'm looking for. It's comfortable and it fits my back.

Great investment if you have to sit on the chair for a long period of time

I spend more than 12 hrs per day sitting in front of a computer. This long period of sitting definitely has started taking a toll on my body. I started noticing my posture was off and my neck became stiffer. But this pillow is so comfortable, and I already notice that some tension is relieved and that I am slouching less. I am really happy with the purchase and highly recommend especially if you have to sit a lot in front of a computer.


I went through a bout of serious sacroiliac pain from lack of support when I bought this product. Right off when I used this in my desk chair, the support to my lower back was amazing! No pain! Then I used this while sleeping in bed as I have to be a little upright. I also sleep on on my side so I still needed that sacroiliac support. This was an experiment and I was amazed when I woke up the next morning that I had NO lower back pain! So I bought another one for my bed. So grateful my lower back pain is resolved!!! I definitely recommend this cushion!

Total Relief

I rarely write reviews, but wanted to relay that this product gave me unbelievable relief! I have had nagging lower back pain for, not just years, but decades, and one of the most singular causes has been sitting for an hour or more in my car. Ironically, in order to help with things during this pandemic, I've been doing Doordash and Instacart (I know, go figure), but I could only stay out two hours at a time because of the pain. But now, with this awesome pillow, I LITERALLY am pain free after a whole day in my car.