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Lumbar Support Pillow - Black

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  • Effective back pain relief: With a taller, thicker design, our lumbar support pillow for office chair alleviates pain from a greater surface area, including stiffness and tension in the mid-and lower-back region as a result of backaches from sitting, muscle aches from lifting, and exercise, arthritis, stenosis, herniated disks, and general soreness. The contoured shape supports your back's natural curve for proper spinal alignment and to promote healthy posture.
  • 100% memory foam cushion: Our lumbar support has a breathable design that is eco-friendly and offers support and comfort for perfect ergogenic positioning, naturally regulate temperature, wick moisture, and reduce odor. A fabrication known for cushion and bounce, memory foam holds your lower back in proper posture. Unlike other pillows that slip out of place or move around, our design stays put with a non-slick mesh outer lining and a contoured body that cradles both sides of your spine
  • Durable, adjustable straps: Designed for a universal fit, the straps can adjust as needed. If the lumber pillow doesn't fit your seat in its current position, simply move the slider towards the buckle to adjust. Two extension straps are included to make the backrest fit properly on any type of seat. Use it on office chairs, armchairs, couches, car seats, wheelchairs, recliners, and more.
  • 3-D ergonomic design: Three-dimensional, pressure point support can help you say goodbye to back pain and discomfort. Extra thick and wide, our ergonomic pillow is made to fit the spine's natural curve and the body's natural form. The impression-making effect of memory foam will also take the pressure off your spine, gently guiding your body into a healthy position that circulates blood and relieves tension.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Very comfortable and give nice support!

Very nice product! I have been used it for almost a month and am very happy about it. I need to sit in front of computer for 8 hours every day and I often have back pain so I brought this to support my back and it does give very nice support and very comfortable.

Best support

My sister has back problems and this has been wonderful for her. Best support for your lumbar especially in our vehicle

Support, comfort, easy to install!

This has changed my sitting all day from working at home. Support and comfort plus I installed it in seconds and the perfect fit on my chair!

Comfortable and effective

My waist has improved a lot with this backrest pillow.Because of my sitting position, my waist has been tortured for a long time. I have never found a suitable product. its design conforms to the correction of the back shape,when I use it, it will slowly improve my sitting posture, very comfortable, recommended to buy.

Best back support I’ve found

By far the best back support I have ever purchased. I’ve been trying different chair supports for the past 8 years and have never found one that gave such firm but comfortable support. Game changer for my workday!!