What You Need To Know About Smart Car Air Purifiers!

What You Need To Know About Smart Car Air Purifiers!

We love our cars, and we spend quite a lot of time inside them as we tend to drive everywhere we go. So wanting to have the perfect environment inside can’t be a farfetched desire. Air purifiers are known to enhance indoor air quality, and if you are someone who wants the best quality air inside for you and your passengers, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Smart car air purifiers have become one of the biggest selling accessories amongst conscious consumers. There are plenty of different types of car air purifiers out there to choose from. Whether you decide on getting a HEPA or an ionizer, the main factor when getting a car air purifier boils down to its portability. However, buying portable air purifiers can often become a grind with so many different companies and models to choose from. That’s where Zen Home & Office comes in. 

We specialize in providing conscious consumers with products that will bring peace, tranquility, and stability to their lives. In a word, we try to get zen in your life. One of the products we specialize in is portable smart air purifiers for cars, and we know how you can make the right decision for yourself. In the following passages, we will show you how you can choose the best air purifiers for your car. So without further ado, let’s dive into what you need to know about smart car air purifiers!

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Car Air Purifiers?

As we’ve been saying since the start, smart car air purifiers are selling like hotcakes all around the world, with air quality around the world falling. Portable air purifiers have been a blessing in disguise for car owners in that regard as they usually have to drive through the worst quality air on the roads. The reason for the recent rise in popularity coincides with the benefits it brings. So what are the benefits of air purifiers? Well, that’s what we will talk about in the successive passages so let’s dive in!

1. Air purifiers are known to reduce air particles and allergens. Its primary function is to keep the air indoors healthy and clean. The best portable air purifiers in the market are known to clean the indoor air in your car by 99.97%.

2. The second benefit that air purifiers bring is that it makes the air more breathable meaning it will make breathing easier for you. If you have passengers who suffer from respiratory disorders like chronic bronchitis or emphysema, or something else. They will be the first ones to tell you that breathing is easy for them now. However, you don’t need to be saddled with a disease to notice the cleaner air. You yourself will see and feel that the air is much cleaner than you are used to. 

3. So the average American spends around 293 hours in their car. If you have had years where you constantly fell sick but could never get to the bottom of why, then you better take a look at your car. Since we spend so much time in our vehicles, there is a big chance of bacteria building up and causing havoc on our bodies. That’s especially true if you don’t regularly clean your car. Smart car air purifiers work perfectly to counteract that problem. The best air purifiers in the market will significantly reduce the number of harmful bacteria circulating in your car.

4. One of the benefits we believe you already know about is the odor reduction factor that air purifiers have. Smart car air purifiers nowadays can reduce almost any smell, whether it’s cigarette odors, pet odors, food odors, or the new car smell, or something else entirely. When it comes to odor reduction, ionic air purifiers usually work better than HEPA systems, so make sure you choose wisely.

5. Smart car air purifiers are low maintenance products that don’t need much upkeep to function correctly. Usually, ionizer air purifiers don’t have a physical filter, so you may not even have to clean them regularly. However, some have a metal plate that will need to be cleaned because it catches the filtered particles. If you are using a HEPA air purifier in your car, you most definitely have to do some clean-up as it comes with a filtration system. Don’t worry, though. HEPA systems require cleaning once every couple of months to a year. 

We’ve touched a little bit about the two types of air purifiers out there in previous passages, and now that you know the benefits, let’s talk about the types of smart car air purifiers out there. Knowing what the two types are will help you understand what they do and how each can help you, so without any further delay, let’s begin!

What Are The Types Of Smart Car Air Purifiers?

So by now, you know that there are two types of car air purifiers out on the market. Each has its place amongst the consumers, with both being popular items amongst conscious consumers who want to make the air in their cars cleaner. The two types are ionizer car air purifiers, and the other is a HEPA car air purifier. So let’s check out the difference between the two!

HEPA Car Air Purifiers: So HEPA systems are air purifiers that come with a filter and a filtration system. Each HEPA system pushes air through small physical filters that collect dust, allergens, pet dander, and most other airborne contaminants. These filters need to be cleaned occasionally, but the frequency of cleaning is usually dependant on how long the machine runs and its size. 

Ionic Car Air Purifiers: Ionizer car air purifiers are entirely different from HEPA systems as they don’t have any filters that the air passes through. Instead, the air purifier releases electrically-charged ions that attach to particles, making them heavy so that they fall to the ground. 

With Ionizers, you will notice that you need to vacuum your car more often as the floor becomes littered with heavy ionized particles. That’s why many ionizer air purifiers come with a small metal plate where the charged particle attaches themselves. So when making your decision think about the car air purifier that provides you the service you need as each serves the same purpose in different ways. 

What Are The Key Features A Smart Car Air Purifier Should Have?

What Are The Key Features A Smart Car Air Purifier Should Have

The car air purifier market is filled to the brim with different air purifiers with a host of various features and functionalities. However, smart car air purifiers have some key features that you need to know about. So check them out in the following:

Light Sensors

Smart car air purifiers usually come with light sensors informing you about the air quality inside. It’s usually a color-coded system where green means good quality, orange/yellow means fair, and red meaning poor. 

Three-Part Filtration System

You will get the three-part filtration system with HEPA car air purifiers. The first filter is designed to catch all large particles like dog hair and dust. The second filter is for gasses and odors, and the third one, the HEPA filter, is there to trap small and ultra-small allergens, viruses, bacteria, and micro-sized dust. The three-part filtration system leads to a massive drop in allergens, irritants, and bacteria within the space. 


Almost all the smart car air purifiers on the market come with an automatic shutoff timer or sensor to ensure it doesn’t drain your battery unnecessarily. Some models shut down after two hours, while there other models that shut-down with your car. So once you plug it in, you don’t have to worry about it until it starts to malfunction. 

Odor Reduction

Your car goes through a lot. From kids, dogs, road trips, fast food, and smoke, there is ample reason as to why your car might smell funky. While air fresheners work by masking the smell, car air purifiers, whether it be the HEPA or the ionizer, usually reduce or eliminate the odor completely. 

Size Of The Air Purifiers

There are plenty of different portable car air purifiers out there on the market. The one you choose should depend on what type of car you drive. Now, a big car air purifier can’t be a wise choice for a small so make your decision based on the kind of car you drive. You will see that there are a plethora of choices out there, from car air purifiers that you can plug into your cigarette lighter to the ones that sit on your dashboard. Do your research and choose the perfect size car air purifier that won’t take up valuable interior real-estate.

Special Consideration

If you live in the state of California, then you should know that California’s Air Resources Board banned the use of some ionic car air purifiers. There are a small number of manufacturers that have ionic car air purifiers that produce Ozone. The reason behind the ban is that Ozone can be harmful to humans in large volumes. So make sure you check out the product before you go into buying it. 

What To Expect From Car Air Purifiers In Different Price Ranges?

As we’ve been saying since the start, there is a wide range of portable smart car air purifiers on the market, and the price can vary from 10 dollars to hundreds of dollars. So what can you expect from each price range? Well, let’s check that out in the following:

From 10 Dollars To 30 Dollars: This is the lowest price range, which gets the job done. However, don’t expect these car air purifiers to have plenty of filtration capabilities because these don’t. Hence the low price. 

From 31 Dollars To 62 Dollars: This is what we call the budget-friendly range. Here you will find smart car air purifiers that will work quickly and effectively without putting a dent in your wallet. 

From 62 Dollars To 90 Dollars: Now, you are getting into the large air purifier range with systems that house plenty of filtration and have many features. These are simply more potent and better products that can filter 3x more contaminants than the cheapest options.

From 90 Dollars And Upwards: This is now premium territory where you will find the latest filtration tech with the best materials that provide the best output. 

Find The Best Place To Shop For Car Air Purifiers

So there you go, that’s about all you need to know about portable smart car air purifiers before buying one for your car. Ensure you check out the features and range along with the size when purchasing a portable car air purifier and ensure that you buy from a trusted source that ensures maxim value. We here at Zen Home & Office specialize in providing value to conscious consumers looking to better their lives. 

That’s why we sell only the best smart car air purifiers that are not only affordable but also provide better performance than most of its in-class car air purifiers. Along with that, we are now running a 10% discount on all Zen Home And Office products with free shipping options. So please contact us, and we will take care of your needs! 

And with that being said, that’s about all we have for your today. Let us know in the comments below which type of car air purifier you prefer. Also, hit us up on our socials and let us know what you would like for us to cover next. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!