Know These Essential Factors Before Buying A Lumbar Support Pillow!!

Know These Essential Factors Before Buying A Lumbar Support Pillow!!

Those who work 9-5 jobs know how stressful and uncomfortable it is to sit in one position. Doesn’t matter how soft and comfy your seat is; the prolonged sedentary position can induce back pain and spine injury. But we can’t leave our jobs, right? True, but we can prevent lumbar injury by being a little more cautious about our health.

Our spine needs rest and stretches from time to time. Low impact exercises, walking, and yoga stretches surely help to alleviate the pain. Your posture plays a huge role in keeping the lumbar spine in the correct position; leaning too much for a longer period can risk vertebral discs. It’s only sensible to stay away from bending too much. One great way to prevent this and give you comfort even when working is using a lumbar pillow for back support. Lumbar support pillows are affordable, comfy, and convenient. We love them, and chiropractors love them too. Here are some reasons why you should buy one for your lower back:

Retains the vertebral curve

The lumbar pillows are designed to support your spine and tailbone and prevent you from sitting in an awkward position. These support pillows come in with a lumbar roll to support your upper and lower back for alleviating pain and discomfort.

Doctors and patients love it

Doctors and chiropractors recommend them as well. These little pillows allow your back to rest and helps to keep the spinal column in great shape. Many patients with back pain have noticed a significant reduction of upper and lower back pain with regular usage. The cushions come in portable sizes and are very lightweight, which is a plus if you want to carry them with you while traveling.

Makes driving more enjoyable

Speaking of traveling, if road trips and frequent vacations are your thing, then you should buy a lumbar support pillow for a car as well. This prevents back pain due to sitting for a longer time and ensuring you drive in a comfortable, spine-friendly position. The proper amount of padding helps your back survive from constant jerks when your car hits pot-holes or bumps. You can find the best travel lumbar support pillows in shops and stores easily.

Factors To Consider While Shopping For A Support Pillow

To buy the best support pillow, here are some factors you should consider.

The quality & comfortability

Quality is a significant factor while choosing a lumbar support pillow. You need a pillow that is fluffy, soft, and durable. Buying a low-grade pillow won’t give you the best experience and may even worsen your pain. The filling material also has to be soft but sturdy to support your back. But be mindful, if your pillow is too soft, it will lose shape. You will need a sturdy pillow and can support your back without losing shape.


Buying a pillow that can be used in separate places and occasions is a win-win. We suggest purchasing a portable pillow because it’s easy to carry and gives a lot of comfort. Such lumbar support pillows can be used with your car seat, office chair, wheelchairs, etc. You see, the usage of such a versatile pillow is very practical. Just make sure it’s not too thick or thin, or else you won’t reap any benefits from it.

Adjustable straps

Adjustable straps

Pillows with straps ensure that it stays and support your back better. It’s better to find lumbar support pillows that consist of extendable straps to wrap around the chairs. Buy straps that are adjustable, meaning you can collapse or expand the belt according to your chair’s shape and size. The straps keep the pillow well-positioned and don’t let it slide downwards, so you don’t need to worry about re-adjusting your pillow all the time.


And lastly, the style! There are many styles available for your support pillows. Pick one that’s attractive and comfortable for you. You can buy single-featured or advanced lumbar supporters that support not only your back but also your neck and hips. This is best when you spend most of your time sitting; trust us, you need this! And lastly, the color and material of the pillow, choose whichever you think works for you but remember, your cushion has to be sturdy and comfortable. 

What We Recommend

With everything established above, now we can peacefully dive into the collection of the best lumbar support pillows. Here’s a list of our recommendations:

1. Hokeki Lumbar Support Pillow With Memory Foams

The pillow is made of breathable quality foam with no additives used in it. The softcover is made of velvet and breathable mesh cloth to promote air circulation. The memory foam can remain resilient for a long time. The design is structured so it can be placed anywhere along the back of a chair or a seat. Not only that, but it also comes with adjustable straps. So, if you have bad postures or back pain problems, the pillow is easy on your sensitive spot and helps improve postures. Don’t stress your back; give a little rest with this ergonomically and practically designed cushion. Suitable for most office chairs, car seats, for pregnant women, wheelchair uses, etc.

2. Winjoy Lumbar Support Pillow (Black)

Say goodbye to back pain and bad postures with Winjoy’s wonderful lumbar support pillow. The extra thickness and comprehensive foam material keep your back free from taking the stress and supports your body’s natural curvature. The straps can be adjusted according to your requirement for the pillow to stay put. The lumbar support has a breathable design made from eco-friendly material and offers all the comfort your back needs and regulating temperature. You won’t feel sweaty in the hotter months as this little pillow is breathable and sucks in moisture. It also reduces odor, so that problem’s solved as well. One of the best lumbar support for office chairs we have come across. It’s heavily versatile, which means besides office chairs, it can be used for gaming chairs, car seats, wheelchairs, etc.


Choosing a pillow isn’t so hard anymore! You just need to follow a set of essential factors and functionalities, and that’s all. In a nutshell, you need a support pillow that’s soft, sturdy, economical, and has extended belt support.