7 Best Balance Ball Chair For Office You Should Know About!

7 Best Balance Ball Chair For Office You Should Know About!

Even though it looks a bit funny sitting on a balance ball chair, it actually has tons of health benefits. For instance, it helps to improve your posture and supports stability. Today, many offices and workstations use balance ball desk chairs, so don’t be surprised if you see one in an office. If you have to search for the best ergonomic balance ball chair for a while, your waiting is over! We have covered some of the brilliant balance chairs for multipurpose uses. But first, let’s explore the benefits of balance ball chairs. 

Benefits of Balance Ball Chairs

  • Improves posture by preventing slouching
  • Reduces back pain by improving postures and keeping your spine straight.
  • Improves your balance by allowing you to maintain a position at the center of the ball.
  • Sitting with no hand or limited back support helps engaging and strengthening your core muscles 
  • The soft, pliable material is easy on joints and muscles and regulates increased blood circulation.

Best Balance Ball Chair For Office 

Here we have featured some of the best balance chairs for office purposes. However, these chairs aren’t limited to offices only. You can use them at home for various functions.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Okay, so let’s start with this one! What we liked about Gaiam’s classic ball chair is that it consists of a sturdy frame with back support, which means you can lean on it a little whenever you feel like it. The added back support provides more stability and less fear that you may trip over. The chair also comes with a removable exercise ball and uses four rolling caster wheels for smoother gliding and maneuvering. Thanks to the metal bar’s lock system, the ball won’t slide out of the frame when you move around. These balls are soft, comfortable, and inflated using a pump that comes in with the package.

Zenergy Ball Chair

The Zenergy ball chair is sturdy and very durable. The ball is made of anti-burst material for safety and comfortable usage. The ball uses four feet and legs for stability and gives the chair an added height of 3 inches. You can get as much creativity as you want with this chair. Meaning that if you prefer positioning the chair lower to the ground, you can remove the legs and use the feet only. You can remove both the legs and feet and make your chair lay flat against the surface for more control and balance. The price of this multi-functional ball is a little high, but it’s worthwhile.

Trideer Ball Chair

Trideer’s Ball chair might look like our uncle with a podgy belly (no offense, uncle), but it’s very durable and efficient. The chair has a foldable frame which makes it highly portable and easy to carry. The chair’s short and removable backrest is also foldable. The four wheels of the chair easily glide onto the surface for smoother movements. Also, no fearing of slipping causes the wheels having a locking mechanism built in them. The packaging comes with an air pump for inflating the ball; you can even remove the ball. The Trideer’s ball is easy and has versatile usage, use for office or at home, picnics, etc., it’s perfect for all occasions. With that said, the chair might be expensive, but it comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, so a win-win!

Gaiam Ball Chair (Black)

Similar to the Gaiam’s Classic Balance Ball that we have mentioned, the Gaiam ball chair features a more modern and ergonomic design for practical usage and safety. The contemporary design is constructed with a durable reinforced base, and the legs are super-strong with balls as feet. The balls are lockable, which means you can restrict the movements of the chair if you want a firm position. The ball chair has a flexible back support that helps alleviate back pain and correct posture and lower back balance. The chair includes an easy inflation air pump with the ball, casters, and desktop guide kit. 

Bintiva Stability Ball Chair

A cheap, poor-quality office chair can severely damage your lumbar spine and the discs, and we aren’t even kidding on this! Doctors always warn us to stay away from bad chairs, especially when we spend most of the time sitting on them. Replace the bloody low-quality chair with the Bintiva stability ball chair. The chair is great not only for office works but also for pregnant women during labor or correcting postures. The chair is made of sturdy and durable material that can easily support full body weight without bursting or getting damaged. What’sInterestingly, this chair includes a cover that can be washed and cleaned easily. By purchasing this chair, you will get a foot air pump to inflate the ball whenever you want.

Gaiam Balance Ball & Base Kit

Gaiam’s balance ball chair contains a 65cm balance ball that is also great for home, office, or yoga workouts. The ball chair stays in place, thanks to the base kit connected, and can be removed whenever necessary. The ball itself is made of rubber which is high-quality, burst-proof, and heavy-duty. So, don’t worry if you bounce too much; the ball has got your back (literally)! The kit comes with an air pump, so you can set up and use it directly. Just make sure to inflate it to the full capacity to stretch the ball completely before releasing 50% of the air to make it supple.

Sport Shiny Starfish Ball Chair

Sport Shiny Starfish Ball Chair

The last best balance chair is the Sport Shiny Starfish ball chair. It is constructed of heavy-duty and anti-burst Gym Grad PVC material. The chair’s unique design helps regular users correct their posture and alleviate pain. The design looks like a starfish, and your children will like sitting on it. The cover over the chair feels soft, comfortable, and cozy to sit on. You will feel as if you are sitting on a plush. The ball is easily inflatable and can be installed within a few minutes. The chair comes with an air pump for inflating the ball.

Final thoughts

Here is the extensive list mentioning all the best ball chairs you can use for your office and entertainment purposes. If you are looking for a balance chair for sale, look no further. We at ZEN Home & Office have a great collection of Gaiam ball chairs on our website, so check them out.